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Marshall Thomas
8th Oct 2006, 22:03
Howitzer artilery seems to do the most damage, but twelve pounders come later in the tech tree. Can I have some experienced opinions on the different types of cannons, their different uses, and how they rank against each other? Thanks in advance

Duke of Potsdam
9th Oct 2006, 16:07
Hey again,

In response to this post both types are effective but they do share different purposes. A howitzer as is known are the gold colored cannon. They are also sentimentally referred to as "Napoleons". Howitzers have shorter range but are greatly effective in blowing holes in advancing infantry. Their trajectory is also more set to a higher angle. Thus allowing them to be fired and dropped even over hilly crests. The best place to position howitzers are at the base of low hills or on sloping ground. Now 12 pounders play a slightly different role. 12 pounders are whats known as "rifled cannon". This means that they do not fire at a high angle but moreso their trajectory is almost like a straight line. Their job is to scatter a solid line and are extremelyeffective on cavalry. This is because their shot also bounce. If you notice closely, when a cannon ball from a 12 pounder lands it does not necessarily explode on impact. It will bounce 3-4 more times doing lesser damage of course but still inflicting pain on the enemy. Also the British have a weapon known as Congreve Rockets. These are not very effective on infantry but should moreso be used on enemy cavalry and artillery(only if the artillery is in close range). Rockets have a dual purpose which is really cool. They disrupt cavalry advances and even spook their horses at the same time. So a good strategy would be to place howitzers close behind your own line to punch holes in advancing infantry and so as not to negotiate your own line. Place your 12 pounders farther back and make sure you keep a battalion of infantry but more preferably of cavalry back to protect your guns as they are very susceptible to attacking enemies. I do hope this reply helps your tactics out a little:D . No one gun is better than the other. They are just different in the purposes they serve

20th Oct 2006, 20:58
yeah but if you want gamewise
howitzers are better bc they shoot OVER your guys, not into their back
that way you can shoot and your arty isnt exposed :D