View Full Version : This is a plea to all ye heart broken fans

4th Oct 2013, 15:25
So many people are unhappy and, I get it, I want this to be like the old days, but Amy Henigg dumped us. We have to move on, see other writers/directors. LOK will never be the same, but Nosgoth might be good for us. Hey, I know it hurts, that we still pull out our copy of Soul Reaver from time to time and cry about how great it was, but it's time to stop grieving the past. Heck, voice actors for the LOK series have died and we're still on about this relationship. Buck up, friends. It's time for some rebound action and Nosgoth is pretty. Give her a chance.

4th Oct 2013, 17:09
Trust me people will always find a way to complain. If one is released they will probably hate it because it might be more action oriented or they could complain that the voice actors were bad because they aren't the old ones. I see what they're trying to do here with Nosgoth and I personally like it specially if they're willing to listen to player feedback even with all the hate. I support Nosgoth hate me if you want x.x

5th Oct 2013, 09:33
Someone will ALWAYS complain. No need for a real reason, they just like it because they are immature and/or frustrated.

Someone else is pissed because of how different this game is from the old ones, but that are making valid points and trying to understand. Those are the people Square Enix NEED to listen to. They surely said they are trying, but I don't honestly know yet how much what we have to say will be kept into consideration. Still hoping, though.

Then there are those like you, who are ok with the game. Good for you, I guess - no offence intended.

18th Oct 2013, 10:27
Im just happy to be getting something to continue the story new fresh and i don't care if it rocks or fails I will take what i can get for this series I've loved every game from here i see that it is impossible for me to hate anything with LOK world

22nd Oct 2013, 18:05
Personally I'm just glad that LoK is back on the table. My favourite installment in this series is SR2 and I'll show my support for more of this in the future through playing Nosgoth and allowing myself to enjoy the new experience. I'm open to this game, and I'm eager to see where it leads.

4th Nov 2013, 18:58
I Love LoK series since the day Blood Omean was released. What i saw in the Nosgoth trailer made me puke.
IMHO let this great story R.I.P than make it so ugly.
SE wont get a lot of new fans for this game among new generation, prequels and sequels should be made for the old generation fans. And this is not the kind of the prequel a lot of old fans would like to see.
SE should get their dirty hands of this awesome game, they already failed XIV and ARR.
SE, do not Defile this series!

4th Nov 2013, 19:10
I have a feeling is SE hadn't gotten their hands on this series then there wouldn't be any more games about it EVER. They did something good in my opinion. This series would've stayed dead because Crystal Dynamics had no intention of continuing the series, especially with Amy gone. I am personally excited to have the game available after such a long time. If this becomes popular enough I seriously expect them to create more games (dare I even say SP as well?) in the future. I will be one of the first people in line to play this online game when it finally becomes open to anyone. And that is me and I don't expect everyone to follow suite.

People will have a reason to be upset no matter what happens so I won't take what they say as more than a grain of salt.

9th Nov 2013, 11:21
No need to feel bad about this, it certainly respects the timeline and does little to nothing to "harm" the other games in the series, in my humble opinion. Naturally, if some people don't like it - that's to be expected. Even the fans of The Legacy don't like every particular installment the same way or maybe even dislike some of them and prefer this or the other. Perfectly understandable.

Personally, I embrace the challenge and certainly won't "trash and bash" something I haven't even had the chance to try. :cool:

20th Nov 2013, 10:23
I'm down with exploring more of the lore in a time period and setting that's not been utilized much, my only issue is that the game just takes place in this setting and then the battles don't really add or take away anything to any aspect of the story, sure there is lore but none of it is going to change dynamically during gameplay.

Now here's a thought. Think of the current maps in game as Scenario 1 (random name for the sake of argument), then when they release a new set of maps and call it Scenario 2, they give us a background story to it based on the performance of the players on the first maps.


Having bested the human resistance the vampires move their campaign to a new area of Nosgoth to continue their domination of the land.

With the initial vampire forces defeated the human resistance moves forward, hoping to continue pressing their advantage the humans advance.

Then with a new set of maps they add to the story again, telling a story through gameplay that develops with the game to really invest us in the lore and create an entire timeline for this period in Nosgoth's history where the two factions were vying for control. As to the console games themselves I won't ever give up on it, I am hoping beyond hope that someday SE will give us a proper new chapter in the LoK story so the longtime fans like myself can continue enjoying the series we love the proper way.