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8th Oct 2006, 01:52
Hey id just like to say a big **** you to the programmer in change of diplomacy in this game. I just love wasting time and money improving relations to just simply have them declare war at the drop of a hat

I started a campaign with France and I had the starting Defensive alliance with Batavia then as soon as it expired I renewed it, and they added Hanover and somebody else to it. Spain then declared war on me but Portugal attacked them so they fell back to defend. Then Piermont warred me but I whooped them and sieged their capital then the defensive alliance with Batavia expired again with them at 67 sympathy and I offered all the cash I had 640 gold when they wanted 740 and they rejected it but the sympathy didn’t drop so I through I’d renew it next turn them out of nowhere they declared war on me after all that time as an ally and gold payments their earned sympathy went to zero. Then Hanover who was also a part of the alliance also warred me. What the **** is the whole point of diplomacy if every nation punks you for gold and if you don’t have it they declare war on you no matter what relations with them are like? This is NOT how it happens in real life and from a gameplay point of view making players waste money trying to get a steady ally then have them invade whenever they feel like it is a joke. How am I meant to do anything when I’m attacked every other turn? I really hope however decided this was fired. Its no surprise this game wasn’t popular when there stuff like this and the ridiculous naval battles in it. This crap is not on in a game I paid for and reeks of stupidity and laziness. Learn to program.

8th Oct 2006, 08:50
It's not just a case of diplomacy, but a case of military as well. Looking at the aggressiveness of the oponents I assume you're playing on Hard. You must have sufficient troops in every province neighboring another Empire at any given time. The opponents will calculate how their chances are if they invade you. When you have sufficient troops in your provinces they'll sure know it's complete suicide. It might still happen though that someone declares war on you when the Empire doesn't even have enough troops. In most cases they are part of a coalition formed against you or you did something (either military, diplomatic or politicial) that had such an impact that sympathy toward your Empire dropped dramatically. So dramatically that it means war.

Oh yeah, if you don't like the game in certain aspects it doesn't mean you should start slamming the game in other threads, let alone the publisher, Eidos. You made your point here.