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6th Oct 2006, 12:45
Just a few questions to see what other people think on these subjects...

1. What weapons do you think should be available to use? Do you think you should un lock them by retrieving awards or find them in the game?

2. What outfits would you like to see either for the levels, or to unlock?

3. Are there any particular levels you would like to see? Either ideas from the films or previous games?

4. Which vehicles/transport would you like to see? E.g. Jeep, Push Bike, Motor Bike, Horse, Jet Ski, Snowboarding?

5. What would you like to see in Lara's Mansion?

6th Oct 2006, 14:59
You want a thread like this: http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=58425

7th Oct 2006, 21:01
There shoud be m16/m203 or m4 , and sniper rifle.

21st Oct 2006, 02:42
I Want The (sorta) Ever-space Backpack Back!!!
And The Old Spiny-winie Menu!!

21st Oct 2006, 04:30
1. The dual pistols - Lara's not Lara without them. Other weapons should be pickupable. Lara should have only two weapons at the same time like in "Legend".
2. I don't know. Depends on the levels in the game. If the next game takes place in Avalon, Lara should have Avalonian clothes.
3. If it's in Avalon, then the Avalonian levels. Don't know, how they look, though.
4. A motorcycle.
5. The outside, the assault course, the bike track, Lara's vault.

21st Oct 2006, 21:24
I Want The (sorta) Ever-space Backpack Back!!!
You mean it's still not bottomless? Seemed like it to me...

And The Old Spiny-winie Menu!!
Yeah, that was pretty cool.

25th Oct 2006, 06:28
Weapons I would like to see in TR 8 are the Uzi's, Dual Pistols and M16. I think you should be able to find some guns and ammo laying around and to be able to unlock some guns by retreiving rewards. The Outfits I liked are the Classic Outfit, it would not be a Tomb Raider Game without it, Short wetsuit that Lara wore in TR 2, Catsuit from TR 5, could unlock some of these in TR8.

I liked the scene from the first Tomb Raider movie where Angelina and the bad guys were in a temple it had to do with time there was a big ball with smaller balls revovling around it and Angelina went through the big ball to grab a piece of the triangle, then at the end of the scene Angelina was running to get out of the temple and the dogs were waiting for her. I think it would be cool to do a level in the new TR 8 game.

A scene I liked in the TR 2 was when Angelia had the Ball and was reading the info from the ball.

I hope that TR 7 is continued on into TR 8 so we can see what happens to Lara' Mum.

Rainforest, Jungle levels, lots of tombs to explore. Another Area 51 level. Another Rapids level like in TR 3. Another level like Ghana, that waterfall was beautiful.

Jeep, 4 wheel bike, Motorbike, Canoe, Jetski, A hovercraft would be cool.

To be able to explore the outside of Lara's Mansion, Gym like in TR 7, Large pool area, be able to sit down on chairs in the mansion. Amansion bigger that the TR 7 one. 4 wheel bike track, a few hidden rooms with trophies or awards.
:cool: :rasp: :)

25th Oct 2006, 08:30
You want a thread like this: http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=58425
I guess I was not obvious enough. :) Let me try again.