View Full Version : HMContracts: XP reboots when returning from menu

5th Oct 2006, 19:25

I recently installed Hitman Contracts but can't play it due to to the following
problem, which happens consistenly:

In game, whenever returning to the game from the in-game menu or from
the weapons selection screen, XP blue-screens and reboots, consistently.

Here's my setup, which works fine for games like HL2 and Far-Cry:

Athlon 64 3200+
Gigabyte/ATI X800 PCE-E
1.5G Ram
2x160G IDE hard drives
Turtle Beach Montego DDL 7.1

I'm running the latest ATI catalyst video drivers (5.9), the latest
DirectX 9c and the latest sound card drivers.

I run a custom widescreen resolution (1200x666), but I have since
tried running at standard resolutions (desktop and game) and the
problem still occurs.

Any ideas?
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