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5th Oct 2006, 01:57
Hi everyone thanx for readin my thread alrite i have a problem i cant launch Just Cause i double click on the icon nothing happens i tried dl new drivers i cleaned the cd i got directx 9.0c my system Specs are

Windows XP
Intel(R) Pentium 4 CPU 3.00GHz
1 GB ram
NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GT/GTO
DirectX 9.0c

but i dont think thats were the problem is

so if anyone know whats the problem please help me!! thanx!

6th Oct 2006, 02:55
The problem you are experiencing is likely due to the game?s copy protection, which is made by SecuRom. The most efficient way for us to further assist you, is to have you produce an aanalysis file. In order to generate the analysis file of an attempted software launch for us to evaluate, please do the following:

1) Place the original disc in your DVD-Rom.
2) Re-boot the computer.
3) Open My Computer, C: Drive, Program Files, and browse to the installation folder (a quick short cut, right click on the desktop or start menu icon and select properties, and then click find target, that will open an explorer window in the install folder)
4) Right click on the games executable (e.g for Lego Star Wars the exe file is called LegoStarWars.exe)
5) Choose "Launch Analysis" from the choices and left-click.
6) A disclaimer window will appear.
7) To proceed, please click on the "Yes" button.
8) The application will now generate an "AnalysisLog.sr0" file within the root of your hard drive. (If you open My Computer, then the C: drive, the file should be there)
9) Please "zip" the file (to avoid email corruption) and e-mail it to Support@securom.com with the subject line "Analysis file for evaluation." You can use WinZip to zip the file, available at www.WinZip.com.

SecuRom will check the Analysis file and notify you of the results. This usually takes 24 hours, if you have not recieved and email back from them with a solution in 24 hours resend the request.