View Full Version : Can't Install the game :-(

5th Oct 2006, 01:41

Like the topic says. I can't install the game.
I copied the DVD to a folder and tried to run it from there.
And just so you know. I BOUGHT it.

So what the h... do I do now.

I took a screen shot but i'm not aloud to post it. :scratch:
Well this is what it says.

Feature: NewFeature1
Error: Crtitical error


12th Oct 2006, 04:22
:mad2: Still nothing.

Is Just Cause known to have a problem with CD/DVD roms reading dual layers.
Well in that case, quite many should be affected by it.

Securom seams to me to do more harm than good.

12th Oct 2006, 04:45
Try this...
Create a folder on your Desktop. Insert the DVD and close the Autoplay. Now go to My Computer and right click on your DVD drive. Select explore and copy the entire disk. From there copy the contents to the folder you created. Try to install from your hard drive. But before you go to install eject the DVD.

Probably won't work but I've had to use this method in the past to get a game to work.