View Full Version : Loan of Armies

Marshall Thomas
4th Oct 2006, 21:15
The manual is a bit a vague about the diplomatic option to loan armies. Must you be at war with the the nation who is fighting the country you are making the loan of armies to? If not, how does loaning armies to the enemy of a nation effect sympathy? Do most players find the loan of armies diplomacy option effective? Thanks in adavance

5th Oct 2006, 23:05
Ok, Loan of Armies are giving armies to other countries. Now, U can't be at war with that country for Loan of Amies. Mostly What I use it for is when THe country I like is at war with someone I dont like. And Give them some amies. Other times When i country is under siege. Now when u loan of armies, other countries dont know where you give some troops to them. So they will not know that U did and so your sympathy will not go down. And Also Yes I do Find this method of use is Useful.