View Full Version : CSF problem with LAN games, voice chat

4th Oct 2006, 10:42

I'm experiencing trouble with the voice chat feature. It doesn't want work. Even when turning the option on (on both computer on the LAN).

And generally, the LAN gaming scheme is really bad documented. We don't know when to press join, when to create. There is no explicit list of users in the LAN, before the game starts. The voice chat doesn't function. And the scriptural chat neither before in game. Now we can play sometime, but it is really hasardouse. fewtime it work, moretime it doesn't.

Please can someone tell me, what i need to have first the voice chat functionning. And also what is the order of action to do (where to wait for the other, when should he press join). Is there any way to have voice chat functionning in the LAN games list windows?

Thank u very much for your responses.