View Full Version : blue screen

3rd Oct 2006, 02:28
When i open CSF it loads good and all but when i try to load a mission or if i wait on the menu screen for 2 minutes i get blue screen WHOLE COMPUTER CRASHES and says i have to un install any newly installed soft ware .but from wat ive learn't from other threads is that it could be specs of my computer or a virus well since i have a decent video card and it can handle cod 2 i think it can handel CSF its a Nvidea5200fx and ps this is a demo i am haveing problems with ive downloaded it about 40 times

i have a p3 733 mghz would that matter because i can run cod2 with no problem

allso it may be a virus because i suspect i have one so this might just be my computer

if u have any ideas on how to fix this problem i would apreciat if u told me thanks

9th Oct 2006, 12:18
Has the demo been downloaded successfully?

Do a thorough scan for viruses, then spam ware and anything that can prevent the game from working properly. Check for latest drivers etc.