View Full Version : Tomb Raider in Fighting Fantasy Book format

1st Oct 2006, 23:57
I was looking around for more info on the age old gamebooks today as I keep going on and on about how the new interactive DVD game feels like those and I found out that Ian Livingstone had a new gamebook published last year:


I think it'd be brilliant if we had a series of Tomb Raider related fighting fantasy books. That way, not only our need for Tomb Raider novels would be supplied, but it'd also give us a bit of the exploring feel as we'd decide the course of the stories.

For anyone unfamiliar with gamebooks, check this out (http://www.gamebooks.org/show_faqs.php).

When I was of a much younger age I used to love these books, I read/played quite a number of them (10 or so), and I still have one - Vault of the Vampire.

I seriously hope Eidos would consider this idea. :)

2nd Oct 2006, 00:01
That is a GREAT idea!!!!