View Full Version : BO2 Extra Movie

1st Oct 2006, 21:33
Ive checked around the web and several places post a code for unlocking an extra movie in Blood Omen 2 on the PS2. The code is: Go to the main menu and enter Up, Up, Down, Right, Left. I have done this several times with no results.

Has anyone else been able to unlock this extra movie? What is it? What am i doing wrong?


1st Oct 2006, 22:15
Are you sure its valid?

2nd Oct 2006, 04:13
I cant be sure that it is valid, thats why Im checking here. But it is listed on all the major game review sites (Gamespot, game faqs, etc).

2nd Oct 2006, 12:04
Yes yes yes you are right i also see that not only in the web but in some magazines here in Greece.
I think its not correct because i also try it and nothing happened

Irmok the Mad
2nd Oct 2006, 15:50
I don't think there is another movie. But there is an alternate ending sound file. There are two versions of what Kain says at the ending cinematic. The alternate was geared more towards Kain and Umah. I have the PC version, so this .ogg sound file is extractable.