View Full Version : More Men in Units

Marshall Thomas
30th Sep 2006, 22:07
Battle Mod 1.2 changes the number of men in an infantry unit from 60 to 100. I know that it also increases the number of men, horses and guns in calvary and artillery units.

My question is: What is the overall effect of these increases on gameplay? Do most players think that it changes things for the better? Thanks in advance

2nd Oct 2006, 01:21
The battles are a little longer I think, but one disadvantage is that the men take a lot longer to get into line from column, you have to wait untill every soldier is in line in order for them to fire, that means while you wait for one man to get into position, your line is vulnerable to fire and won't fire back.

Marshall Thomas
2nd Oct 2006, 02:37
Despite this disadvantage, does having these increases in unit size make for better/more realistic battles and campaigns?

3rd Oct 2006, 17:26
In a word yes.I have 100/60/6 for Inf/Cav/Arty and prefer it that way in conjunction with longer ranges (although realistic arty ranges would be useless on our small maps-I use 50% range for arty )and modded accuracies.I also use the modded AI behaviour so units are less inclined towards 'melee'.This game is the ultimate Napoleonic RTS by miles if modded right.
Search my posts for more details of my specific preferred mods.Also try their makers- Icanus Naihreann and others....