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carl bithell
30th Sep 2006, 11:23
Can anyone help me i have gone to the ig fan site and downloaded some of the mods like battlemod v12 and a few others but when i open the file to read how to do it , it talks about opening data pak and data1 pak.
But i cant seem to find them to open in the folder , have i missed something or have i downloaded the wrong file first.
many thanks .

30th Sep 2006, 11:43
The pak files are already in your game directory, they're part of IG they're not in the file you downloaded.

carl bithell
4th Oct 2006, 09:29
i still cant get these files to work i have found the files i need and made copies but i still cannot get the mods to work, can anyone help .. all that happens is the game wont start and i end up re-installing the game.