View Full Version : Tomb Raider Adventure Game Screener Clip

Lara Croft Online
29th Sep 2006, 19:12
Tomb Raider Adventure Game Screener Clip


Get the 105 mb 9 min intro and gameplay clip now!

also a scan and demo disk scan enjoy!

Click Here (http://www.tombraidernews.com/?p=59)

29th Sep 2006, 20:01
When I download it, it says the file is corrupt.

29th Sep 2006, 20:09
It's a promo video, isn't it?

29th Sep 2006, 20:12
JSC, it still uploading on server, i suppose :mad2:

29th Sep 2006, 20:32
It's working now... I just downloaded it myself. :)

It's a demo of the game in action... ie how you would play etc plus some footage of it in play! :D It's hot! Can't wait!

Lara Croft Online
29th Sep 2006, 20:32
It's all uploaded now. It's the inro and actual gameplay by me lol!!! :lmao:

29th Sep 2006, 22:49
Thanks for the clip Lara Croft Online, nice to know if l end up buying it that l will never hear the phrase "my legs feel stronger" again. l always hated the strength upgrades in AOD

29th Sep 2006, 23:19
I've just seen it and I'm quite looking forward to it. Not so sure about the edition it has (if the long, boring, repetitive moments, like climbing the building and shimmying to the other end etc are chopped like that, will it still take 4 hours?! :eek: ), but I'm glad we won't have to master the controls to enjoy it. Just kick back into the couch and choose between the given options. It feels a lot like the age old storytelling books that would give you random numbers to choose according to what you'd do and follow the story - several paths to reach the end, but the adventure is always in the journey... ;)

30th Sep 2006, 01:42
l think the game only takes 3hrs actually, but there is 4hrs worth of footage with all the alternate paths