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29th Sep 2006, 18:53
Eidos releases Reservoir Dogs Screenshots and interview with Madsen
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Date: September 29th, 2006

Eidos Interactive today has released 10 new PC screenshots and an interview with Michael Madsen from Reservoir Dogs, the movie-based shooter now available across Europe and on October 24th to North America on PS2, Xbox and PC!

Reservoir Dogs was released in 1992, the first movie written and directed by Quentin Tarantino, not a huge success on its initial cinema release, but soon became a cult classic on video & DVD and still seen as one of the most influential cinematic pieces to date.

The game gives you the opportunity to play through the main heist-day events in the Reservoir Dogs film from the perspective of each character. You get to play parts of the movie that were only suggested, delve further into the world of Reservoir Dogs and find out what happened at the Jewellery store; How did the Dogs escape the cops at the heist? How did Blonde get back to the warehouse with Marvin? Where did Mr Pink stash the diamonds? Did Mr Pink survive?

Click HERE (http://www.qgamo.com/games/reservoirdogs/screens3.asp) to view the new screenshots.

Click HERE (http://www.qgamo.com/games/reservoirdogs/movies.asp) to view the interview with Michael Madsen.

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