View Full Version : Diplomacy Screen

Marshall Thomas
29th Sep 2006, 17:34
I'm not 100% sure about a couple of indicators in the diplomacy screen. When negotiating a deal, there are two boxes towards the bottom right of the screen. One has your empire's name on it, while the other has the name of the nation you are dealing with. The one with my empire's name on it always has a number zero on it; the other nation usually has a number in the hundreds. I originally thought this represented money, but the numbers don't change when I increase or decrease money for the deal. What do these numbers in the two boxes represent?

Also- I assume that the bar running across the bottom of the diplomacy screen represents sympathy, although I've never seen it alter as the result of the current deal. So I'm not 100% certain on either of these two indicators. Neither the manual nor the tutorial say anything about them. Thanks in advance