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28th Sep 2006, 07:40
hi im one of the people that is stuck at the kazacstan (sp?) boss, i hate him but i want to get past it :mad2: so i can replay the firstbit of the place i cant spell corectly for fun

anytips on how to make it easier :lmao:

28th Sep 2006, 11:01
Yeah mate,

Run around the rims of the area and pull all the switches then hop back in the cannon and shoot the monster away while you shoot those bulb things in front of you. When they are all up jump out of the cannon and push the grapple button. ;)

28th Sep 2006, 12:15
You are meant to be getting the sword fragment, not chatting with Amanda's pet. If you actually listen to what Zip says he will give you a clue, it actually took me 10 minutes before l realised l was trying to do the wrong thing, very early in the game l reached the point where l just no longer payed attention to anything Zip said, just tuned him out with the rest of the "noise"

28th Sep 2006, 23:15

But pull the 4 switches around the room (while doing so, keep rolling to avoid the fire it throws at you). After all 4 are activated, hop on the tesla gun thing in the middle of the room. You can shoot the entity to make him disappear for a few seconds, and during that time, shoot the 4 large bulbs out and immediately after getting them all aligned, jump off and grapple the fragment.

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