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27th Sep 2006, 21:32
I used HBM successfully for some weeks; then I had a hardware failure. When I got the computer back from the repair shop, I noticed that HBM was not to be found on the HDD. I decided to re-install, which seemed to be fine. But when I try to launch from the desktop icon, I am told that HBM has a problem and has to close. Same from the start menu. If I try to launch from the DVD, I am told that binkw32.dll is missing.

I have looked and this file is in the application folder. I have tried adding it to the system and system 32 folders, but the error message reports that bink is in those folders when it should be in the application folder.

A scan of my system reveals that bink is also to be found in BIA-Earned in Blood, MOHAA-Pacific Assault etc; and these games are running fine, although BIA-EIB has an older version of bink. COD2 is also running very well on my system, so it is not a generalised problem - it is specific to HBM.


offers next to no help on this issue, except to say that

binkw32.dll must be version

Can anyone help?

7th May 2008, 13:20
It looks like the error is in binkw32.dll

Heads up... do NOT install SP3 if you want to continue playing HBM. Hopefully the next game in the series will have a bink file that we can copy into HBM. Would be really great if Eidos would make a new one for SP3 though. <hint> <hint>