View Full Version : Surprise Attack

Marshall Thomas
27th Sep 2006, 02:51
I've just noticed that your nation suffers a continent wide sympathy penalty for attacking without first declaring war. What are the benefits of attacking without declaring war? Do most players declare war before attacking? Do the AI nations ever attack without a declaration of war? Thanks in advance

28th Sep 2006, 15:55
Attacking WITH a declaration of war (and therefore waiting another turn for your own advance) means your opponent gets the first invasive turn or offensive option if you will, that's why there is a small advantage in attacking without that declaration.
If an AI declares war on an ally of yours, his armies might show up in your territory without a warning, because the war-condition becomes effective immediatly then.

Marshall Thomas
28th Sep 2006, 16:35
Thanks for your response. If the AI attacks without a declaration of war, will the AI nation recieve a diplomatic sympathy penalty with the other AI nations in the game? Thanks in advance

29th Sep 2006, 00:43
Probably, since most other sympathy-penalties applicable to the human player are, though I never checked for that particular case.

On a side note: I'd advice anyway to mod the rules-files (somewhere in the folder "reglas") concerning sympathy-boni and -mali if you want a challenge, I think the game is much too easy in a purely peacefull approach, but that's a matter of taste I guess.

Marshall Thomas
29th Sep 2006, 00:53
Thanks for your reponse. After I play a couple of campaigns, I might take your advice and mod sympathy effects. I'm glad to know that this can be done. Any mods which increase the challage of IG will certainly extend it's lasting appeal. So far, all I've done is apply the 1.1 patch - no mods yet. Which mods to you consider essential? Thanks in advance