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26th Sep 2006, 20:28
Having tried everything that was on the FAQs and Techinical support as well as the mention sticked stuff, I still can't figure out why the game will not load.

Now the game loads fine to the menu, however when I go to start a new game and then click on start mission, I will get a quick blink of the screen (or is it the loading screen?) and I can also see the hud below (health gems appear along with the light gem and compass) but my screen is black yet I can hear my computer still loading the game. When its done loading it will crash to the desktop will no errors.

Specs of my computer:
AMD 3200
1 gig OCZ premium ram
Win Xp Pro
eVGA 7800GT
Realtek audio (Onboard sound chip)
Directx v9.0c

One thing that I'm not sure about is if I have left the AMD cool n'quiet on.

EDIT: I'm also using a USB Keyboard and mouse, a Zboard and Razor Diamondback mouse.

26th Sep 2006, 22:44
USB devices can cause problems. Go to the Deadly Shadows forum and do a SEARCH for USB.

You will find many hints for dealing with this as well as problems with the game.

You do not have a "No Load" problem. You have a Blackscreen, crash to desktop.

Check the Nvidia Drivers. There have been problems with the newer drivers on many of the Nvidia based Graphic cards.

6th Oct 2006, 16:13
Should I contact nVidia about black screen problems with Thief 3? I don't know how many people have the same setup as me.

7th Oct 2006, 02:06
I have read that if you have Nvidia drivers 9xxx, you may have to revert back to version 8xxx or Thief may not play properly. My version is, and it works more or less. Use display properties / advanced / etc. to check the driver version. I would guess that Nvidia will be of no immediate help, but if enough people complain, they might do something. In your dreams, maybe. FYI, my next video card will be an ATI because I am getting sick of Nvidia's driver issues. AT 6xxx Nvidia screwed up the color palette in the dark textures in Thief 1 and 2. With the latest drivers Thief won't play at all for some people.:(

12th Oct 2006, 22:06
Hmm so I'd have to roll back drivers, unfortunetaly I dont know where I can get the eVGA ones, but I can probably get some from Guru3d I just have to install it in Safe mode cause I keep getting BSOD :mad:

13th Oct 2006, 00:02
A brand name (evga) is not necessary. Nvidia has the drivers. Not on the front page, but in archives.


It is not necessary to install them in safe mode. It may be advisiable to deinstall the current ones, reboot, then install the new ones, and reboot. In between, you will have only 640 x 480. Cancel out of new hardware wizard and take that default for a little while.

I am not promising this will work. But it might, and it is worth a try.