View Full Version : Who thinks this game is too easy?

26th Sep 2006, 15:33
I mean, it is so easy to find health packs, and the AI is poor, I've seen many baddies shooting at nothing rather than at me. Also whats with the daredevil driving!!? I've seen cars come flying through the air and then landing on trees or undergrowth. It really is bizarre. Also the guns in the back are the trucks are so difficult to control with there auto-aim function which is soooo annoying. The more I play this, the more I think that it has been rushed and that all good game has gone bad here.

Any other comments?:whistle:

26th Sep 2006, 17:56
yeah .actually game is very easy and short(main quest toke me 5 h) but is fun as hell.

27th Sep 2006, 00:40
I think it's too easy as well. Vehicles take little damage, even after taking huge falls. Crashes with other cars are tame & don't really hinder you much. The helicopters, which are so easy to grapple onto from the ground, are incredibly powerful. Too many health packs when liberating villages.
I think all this means that you can do silly, silly stunts with little fear. Which is quite fun, but not as involving as it could be. The less risk there is in driving at high speed & doing silly stunts, the less excitement there is in doing them.
It is still a very good game, I think, and the graphics are beautiful. A bit more realism would have made a better game, though, I think. A difficulty level would have made sense - harder = more damage taken from everything. And those powerful choppers should fly higher. It's too tempting to grab one & go & nuke your way through a mission.

27th Sep 2006, 02:42
I agree its to easy many of my friends to

27th Sep 2006, 05:17
i feel like the terminator in this game .....these ants are shooting at me ohhh geee i want to torcher them ...this game is soo easy ...is thier a difficaulty setting in the retail versions? :lol:

soo many heath packs i get tired of picking them up ..:lol:

its fun too expore with little worry of getting killed...:nut:

27th Sep 2006, 09:42
Only knock I have against the game has to be the controls and some of the AI. I mean, I am constantly seeing "drivers" running into everything, including trees off the side of the road. Must be alot of moonshine around. Or, perhaps coca.

Watching a NPC driving perfectly fine, then out of the blue, bam, into a tree 10 feet off the road is quite funny. :P

19th Dec 2006, 20:15
yes, way too easy