View Full Version : Any way if increasing mouse sensitivity?

Wizard Of Odd
25th Sep 2006, 18:42
Yeah, basically in ever other game ever ever ever, you have a slider to make the mouse more sensitive. This game does not.

Any way I can tweak the config to ramp up the sensitivity a bit?

Also, anyone know if I can make the camera a bit tighter and less 'swingy' too. It's pretty crap for aiming in combat.

By the way, Eidos, good game but shockingly bad port. You ought to be utterly f'king ashamed of yourselves. No mouse support in menu? No control pad support? It's an ABSOLUTE joke.

I'm pretty disgusted in all honesty. What a half assed effort.

26th Sep 2006, 08:15
Is it the fault of Eidos or Avalanche, as Avalanche were the coders?

Wizard Of Odd
26th Sep 2006, 19:05
Well, whoevers fault it was...

26th Sep 2006, 19:16
you can increase mouse sensivity in control panel in windows
bu i would like to have smooth mouse to :\ gonna to google search for program to smoothing mouse :scratch:

for now try this (it may smoother your mouse a bit)

If you use a PS/2 mouse the following tweak will give you smoother mouse movement, which is also great for gaming.

*Drill into Device Manager via Control Panel | System | Hardware | Device Manager and scroll to your mouse device.

*Under Advanced Setting set the sample rate to 200.

3rd Oct 2006, 22:12
LOL. I can't believe they didn't include mouse sensitivity adjustment.

4th Oct 2006, 00:06
LOL. I can't believe they didn't include mouse sensitivity adjustment.
lol, evidentally they didn't add much support for a mouse ., besides that you can use it ingame to aim, ect.. :whistle:

8th Dec 2006, 23:09
I managed to make it to 20 seconds into the initial chase with me on the machine gun after dropping onto the beach. Then I decided the mouse had to move more when I moved it and went to find sensitivity. Hmm not there, and I couldn't map an action to the middle button. I have one question:

Where can I send the game to get my money back?