View Full Version : [PC] Request for sound patch

25th Sep 2006, 14:10
I request for sound patch, because many ppl can't play or they must delete this file: x:/xxx/Eidos/JustCause/Pc/Sfx/JustCause.cpd :mad2:
I think that is doing for as cos we have unoficial drivers for sound card (better quality of sound) but many ppl have orginal drivers and they gets this same error:mad2: It is becouse we have an Soundblasters Audigy or X-Fi ?

Plz help us!

27th Sep 2006, 02:45
Big sound problem here to need a patch THX

2nd Jun 2008, 05:47
I recently bought JC from a second-hand store...
game installed ok, but crashed every time I tried to start.
Searched these forums for answers, tried everything until...
This "JustCause.cpd" -file did cause the game to crash at the loading-screen (removed -> no in-game sounds, but it works)
I tried on 5 different computers, same thing on all of them.

Is there a fix for this yet???