View Full Version : CSF crashes! Need some help!

24th Sep 2006, 14:17
Hey dudes, I'm in a series of troubles with my PC. First of all, it started to crash down each time I played a 3D game, shortly after the beggining of a game. It doesn't crash on 2D games or any other programs or utilities. The crashing goes in three ways:

1. The moving of the Commando stops when the crash appears, but I can still turn him around with the mouse and do any action I have registered to the Mouse buttons.
Note: I haven't moved the Commando (he wasn't running) when the crash appeared.

2. The Computer locks up completely. No movement and shooting can be done. Eventually it restarts itself.

3. I'm moving the Commando and when the crash appears he continues moving in the last direction I have given. Say I was pressing Left Arrow to move him left. Keyboard locks up, Commando is constantly moving left and eventually the game locks up completely. I can still use the mouse untill the lock up.

Note: I had some viruses on the PC not even knowing they were in it, since I haven't done a full scan for a long time.
The biggest problem: I have formatted both my HDD to clean it of any threat and went on a new Windows installation, installed the game and IT STILL LOCKS UP!
Could it be that my BIOS or any firmware is somehow infected by a virus?
Or maybe it has something to do with my Graphics card since all 3D games I play crash in the same way, but not the 2D ones. Is there some 3D controller or something like that which could cause the problem.


24th Sep 2006, 15:21
System specs? If it only happens with 3D games then it could be that your graphic card isn't powerful enough.