View Full Version : Just Cause SecurRom issue

23rd Sep 2006, 16:57

I purchased the game after playin a not bad demo.
but after installing and not being able to play because i get a securom error

ie. please install the original and try again

Is just some what a little annoying.

why Eidos resort to crap programs like securom that screw up the game running is beyond me.

I assume the program Clone DVD I have is the likely cause but as i use this program for backing up my software I dont see why I should have to remove one program to get another working.

I have over 40 titles running on my system and this is the only screw up. so please Eidos sort your selves out and this!!

23rd Sep 2006, 17:30
Companies put it on thinking it will help protect their game from piracy, which everyone else knows it wont, and it will just end up causing issue for paying customers.

23rd Sep 2006, 18:17
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