View Full Version : Just Cause - cannot start - it just crashes

23rd Sep 2006, 14:52
Hi. After starting Just Cause, the mouse cursor changes to a spinning CD, then back to a mouse cursor, then a second later I get an "unhandled win32 exception". I've tried numerous things. All the latest drivers are installed. I've sent an analysis to SecuROM in case they can see anything wrong with the copy protection side of things, but they haven't replied yet. The UK technical support can't help, and there's no support on the support websites for this game yet.
So I can't even get the game started & nobody at Eidos can help, it seems.

23rd Sep 2006, 16:05
After many attempts, none of which worked, and talking to Eidos tech support over the phone a couple of times (at my expense), I've downloaded the no-DVD crack, and now the game works perfectly.
So I guess it was a problem with SecuROM.