View Full Version : [PC] Pad and whats wrong with middle mouse btn?

23rd Sep 2006, 09:45

Firstly I can't get mylogitech RumblePad II to work in the full game of Just Cause? Whats that all about... Can't remeber the last game I bought where I couldn't use a control pad?

Most games on the PC though I use the keyboard/mouse combo, but Just Cause isn't the best game for that combo. But for some strange reason I cannot assign the middle mouse button to anything? If I go to set a control with the middle mouse button, I press the middle mouse button acouple of times and it sets it to Mouse Button 1. Do it again and Mouse Button 2... no Mouse Button 3 though?

Anyway a Patch for a pad would be cool... cos a game without good controls might aswell go in the bin!


23rd Sep 2006, 10:17
The PC controls are just so unresponsive that they take away a lot of the games massive fun factor, so if they could release a patch that enabled pad usage that would be more than fantastic! :D

24th Sep 2006, 20:15
Yep the whole buisness of having no joypad support is a MASSIVE oversight by Avalanche IMO. I played the demo and merely thought that there was no key-mapping or pad support due to time constraints or something. I had previousy purchased a USB Xbox360 pad in order to get the most from this game only to be sorely dissapointed. Running and shooting is fine but to have no analogue steering while driving is a nightmare, especially the motorbikes. They spin out far too easily. PLEASE get a patch out soon for joypad support AND middle mouse button.

24th Sep 2006, 21:22
But with the game also coming out on the 360 it makes you wonder why they didnt just slap in a usable USB Xbox360 pad controller option for JC PC in the first place!! :scratch:

Especially when most of us now have one and played with them very happily on TR Legend, which incidentally and rather obviously is yet another Eidos game.
Fools! :mad2:

24th Sep 2006, 22:32
I just want to add my vote to this thread.

We NEED analogue for driving especially. And mouse support is pretty poor; M4 & M5 don't work either - it was this that made me pull my PS2 pad and out lo and behold... :-(

Silly, silly, silly.

Sort it out lads


25th Sep 2006, 00:06
Here's what the patch needs:

Controller support
Adjustable sensitivity
Mappable "Jump to vehicle" stunt

25th Sep 2006, 12:15
Yeah I want the pad mainly for the control of the vehicles... im spining out of bikes constantly and on a mission thats REALLY frustrating.

Also theres no good key on the keyboard to map the handbrake too... and not to mention pulling of the stunts etc... alot of the times i have to take my eye of the screen to get the correct key, and thats dangerous when your standing on top of a speeding vehicle!

25th Sep 2006, 13:43
I have my handbrake config set as Left Alt, works a charm :D

Sneaky assassin
27th Sep 2006, 13:59
I've got my Rumblepad 2 to work great with this game, you have to change the mouse wheel (ingame control settings) to something different and then program them into controller.

11th Dec 2007, 03:44
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