View Full Version : PS2 Just Cause Crashes

22nd Sep 2006, 17:22

Has any one bought the Just Cause game on PS2, and got it to work.

I have not had that luck.

After the initial loading screen (Green tint with Rodrequez back to us) and after the EIDOS, AVALANCHE and licence screens have past the screen goes black and thats the way it sits.

I initially though it was loading - but afer leaving it for 20 minutes and cleaning the disk, trying again , etc etc No luck?

What the hell is going on?

23rd Sep 2006, 10:37
My copy arrived yesterday, I've been playing it since then and not had a problem, you may just have a dud disc, just take it back to where you bought it and i'm sure they'll replace it.

23rd Sep 2006, 11:17
It transpires that my memory card expansion was the cause of my problem.

Ihad to turn the second have of the expansion off (or plug a regular card in) for the program to load.

Ta da......

23rd Sep 2006, 12:23
haha, thats weird..but atleast you solved the problem :D