View Full Version : Conqueror or liberator?

White Pine
22nd Sep 2006, 15:07
Any game with relations and world opinion I'd rather keep my reputation good, so I'd rather peacefully annex other nations. But that's just me. Anyone else's opinion? You could just build up a powerful army and conquer everything, but eventually the far corners of the globe will team up against you hemming you back into your own territory and then destruction.

23rd Sep 2006, 11:49
depends.............if they have a nice army and are more than 85% annexed alreaay then i do it peacefully............but if not..............................

White Pine
27th Nov 2006, 10:26
ahhh, but I meant liberating a territory of a major power, or simply staying in there and conquering it.

My advice to be, is - liberate everything. Not only does it add to game time but anywhere where you have an embassy built you will peacefully annex sometimes even 3-4 countries at one time, all peacefully. Political annexation is the only true empire building. ****

Stanislav II
14th Jan 2007, 02:32
Depends. Liberate some, conquer others. Liberate what you can't hold, you don't want your enemies gaining prestige. Conquer what might be considered your next door neighbor.