View Full Version : This has to be the best Napoleonic simmulation game out there

White Pine
22nd Sep 2006, 15:04
It's slow moving, allowing you to kill an hour with just one year! And it also keeps the game interesting, not fast paced and over within 3 days. The land and naval battles are brilliant, allowing you to fight both with stunning graphics. The resource pool couldn't be more accurate, giving each country their respective attributes. And the peaceful vs. forced annexation thing lets you be a liberator or a conqueror keeping constantly in mind world opinion of you! Or you can be a simple trader, building up good relations with opposing countries and peacfully annexing them that way too. And all you need to annex a nation is a simple trade consulate (bureau? embassy?) or at least a building that can be be built in only 3 turns and a 100 relationship and BAM, you own them. I peacefully annexed Spain and Holland after liberating Hannover from Britain, but stayed as a conqueror in Portugal (mistake) when I could have gave them their independance too and peacefully annexed more nations as well. But then I decided to start over again on medium difficulty rather than easy and haven't played the game in 1 month because I do my own modding, although it's rather basic. But back to IG I go!

23rd Sep 2006, 08:57
Another IG lover here!Been a real fan since the demo.....But modding really brings out the best in game.....I think I must be the only RTS player in the world who has no interest in campaigns/strategy and ONLY fights on the battlefield/tactical front...

23rd Sep 2006, 08:59
Of course its a shame the game was dropped like a hot coal by developers/distributors...the same game engine with American Civil War or WW1/2 ?What a dream.....all the RTS from those eras are useless by comparison .Only RTW is worth the money .....

White Pine
27th Nov 2006, 10:12
Yeah, the game kicks. But anyway, advice to new people- at least build up SOME army- I was playing a game as France, on a harder difficulty level, and Switzerland of all countries invaded. They outnumbered me with their three armies of bleepin MILITIA against my 1 and 1/2 army of pretty good units. Problem was- I did not build up anything new since the game began - just wanted to work on my economy PEACEFULLY and not bother anyone. Fact of the matter is, even your good friend the Holland will turn on you if you don't have a big enough army!

Duke of Potsdam
23rd Jan 2007, 01:23
Hey White Pine do u still play this game. Ever since people have left this forum I have had no opponents for online play. Its kind of depressing no one plays such a great game anymore

Stanislav II
24th Jan 2007, 15:04
Yes, I do. I'm White Pine. Just hadn't been here in so long that I forgot my password and I am constantly changing email accounts because someone (I know) keeps hacking in them.

Of course I still play IG. It still seems a year or two ahead of itself almost like it's 08 or 09 technology. Not 2005!