View Full Version : Pause Patch Question

Marshall Thomas
22nd Sep 2006, 06:19
Hi- I'm new to IG. In fact, it came by post today.

The 1.1 patch allows you to slow down the battle speed, but you still cannot issue orders while the game is paused. My question is: If you issue orders while the game is at the slowest speed between pauses, is this basically as good as being able to give orders in a pause mode?

Are there any mods that allow you to give orders while the game is paused? Has the patch's gamespeed control resolved this issue? Thanks in advance

25th Sep 2006, 09:49
The slowest speed on the slider (-8) is so slow that the game is as good as paused and you can give your orders without problem. If you want to simply view the battlefield at leisure while deciding what to do you can still pause while moving the camera and unpause to resume at -8 to input the orders.