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21st Sep 2006, 15:58

I have been away from here for an awfully long time and just wanted to nip in and say hello!!!

Has there been any news updates in the Tomb Raider world regarding TR 8 or the 10th anniversary edition? I heard someone mention that the next edition of 'Games Master' will have an exclusive scoop.

+ Are there any new comics or Legend action action figures that you know of?

Kind regards,

Blue Skies

21st Sep 2006, 20:29
Hi there, Blue Skies!

GamesMaster claimed they would have an exclusive on the next Tomb Raider game, but this is untrue. So don't expect such exclusive. ;)

Regarding the Legend action figures, check out this collection (http://www.deagostini.co.uk/laracroft/).

Welcome back. :)

22nd Sep 2006, 10:50
Hi Mark,

Thanks for the link mate!

Blue Skies

22nd Sep 2006, 13:41
No news, nope, none, nada, nichts. :whistle:

Nice of you to drop by though, sometimes I wonder if you've remembered your parachute or not. ;)

Cute pictures on your site, BlueSkies, I had to wonder about the rampant Germanicism in your Brit-ass sig, now I think I understand. :D :lol: :thumbsup: ;)

22nd Sep 2006, 21:52
Hi Cat,

It is lovely to see you again :)
Please say hi to Goran for me. I hope that you are both well.

I am off on my hols tomorrow morning for a week in Sardinia...YAYYYYY!!!!!!!

Blue Ones!

22nd Sep 2006, 23:50
Hope you have a great time. :thumbsup: :)