View Full Version : TR Legend PS2 - Time Trial in Bolivia - BUG?

21st Sep 2006, 01:53
All excited been playing Legend for 2+ hours been overwriting my save game -big mistake. Reached the portion called "Time Trial" in Bolivia. The game auto loads back to Croft Manor and Lara is in the dark...literally the whole screen is pitch black but I can move her around but cannot see anything....is this a bug? My machine works I can reload but because I kept overwriting the save games it is the same spot...do I have to do everything over again or is there a way to fix this problem? Anyone have a similar experience? Any suggestions? In AOD I experienced a bug and was so frustrated I bought the PC version to finish the game off. Ugh....just wanna play the game.

Appreciate some help.


Blind in Bolivia

21st Sep 2006, 04:27
If you have not loaded from the save game try turning it of and resuming the game. l only played it once on PS2 and we never saved so not sure how it works

21st Sep 2006, 18:50
Thanks for your reply! I tried reloading the save and selecting each available option but the same problem occurs. Perhaps my constantly saving is part of the problem...blame it on previous more difficult TR games when you don't want to do everything over again. I think I will replay without manually saving or at least if I do save it in different slots so I can figure out what to do or more likely what not do to and avoid this outcome. Cheers!

22nd Sep 2006, 16:38
Well, I replayed in half the time as my first time through and the same thing happened. I didn't manually save at all just let the auto checkpoints do their thing. I show as 11% complete for Bolivia. The thing is there is a message that says to reload the level and choose "time trial" difficulty but that option doesn't appear in the list. Plus it just automatically takes me to Croft Manor which is weird. I have been playing under the easy level (I know, I am embarassed to admit it) perhaps that has something to do with it...like I'm being penalized for choosing easy. If anyone has had a similar experience please let me know. I can't be the only one...can I?

22nd Sep 2006, 21:34
I would take the game back to the shop and exchange it for another it sounds like a glitch in your disk. I play the game on easy and when i went to croft manor at the end of the first level it was fine. I think it's a bad disk. I had a similar problem with soul reaver, it got to the cathedral and the screen went blank.

Get a replacement game and try again :)

25th Sep 2006, 14:36
Thanks Yami! Good advice....I will go back to the store today with my memory card in case they wanna check it out and exchange the disc. As much as I am enjoying the first 11% it is becoming more frustrating re-doing it to have the same problem occur. Cheers!