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19th Sep 2006, 13:53
how do u get special units?
i have poland and have built cavalry building but i cant make polish lancers
what do u have to do to get them?

22nd Sep 2006, 11:00
They are an elite unit ergo not available before the last age and it's respective cavalry-technology is researched and elite stables are buildt. If you are already there then it's some weird bug.

23rd Sep 2006, 11:46
elite stables? would that be when u can get dragoons ?
im just under that level, i can already get lancers there

24th Sep 2006, 00:15
No, thats Advanced Stables, Elite Stable is the final stage, which gives you curassiers in most countries, Mamelukes in Egypt and Polish Lancers in, duh, Poland ;)
What might confuse you: you can also build the ordinary, usual Lancer in Poland, but thats not the "special" unit.

24th Sep 2006, 02:30
gotcha..................not really worth it then:mad2: