View Full Version : Imperial glory 2

19th Sep 2006, 09:52
i need to know a yes or no ancer to these 2 question is the imperial glory dead and is imperial glory going to have a expanshen or imperial glory 2 going to come out yes or no

19th Sep 2006, 11:22
The answer to your second question is: not likely, but we have no official response (at least, that I know of)

23rd Sep 2006, 09:01
Dead as a doornail or has PR department that is really trying to give that impression.Sad.Im a big fan.

23rd Sep 2006, 11:30
I pretty much gave up hope for an expansion/sequel when there was no news about it after E³ 2006. But sure, I'll ask about it in our next interview with Pyro, whenever that is... :rolleyes: