View Full Version : Ships randomly sinking

17th Sep 2006, 04:49
Hey for some incredbly annoying reason my ships keep randomly sinking in IG I'll just be having a naval battle then suddenly a ship sinks out of nowhere or just dissapears Its really annoying me. Especialy when its loaded with troops. Is this obvious bug ever going to be fixed or what because selling a game with bugs like this is ridiclous.:mad: :mad: Besides that i love this game it truly never got the respect it deserved.:confused:

17th Sep 2006, 08:57
I believe it's intended. If your ships are too far a way you get a message that they're going out of sight (well you get a message don't remember what) and you'll need to do some steering or they'll dissapear/sink. Usually happens when your getting to the for us invisible border of the map. I believe there's a mod that increases the size of the map. Do a search and you should be able to find it.

17th Sep 2006, 11:40
What? I thought moving your ships out of the battlefield was retreating them? Geez if it really means they are gone its pretty dangerous to have boatloads of troops around! Especialy when the fog of war is there and you cant see there a big navy there until yourve entered the sector.

17th Sep 2006, 15:02
Bad luck DarknessofFate. My recommendation would be to resolve naval battles at the strategic map. Unless the two sides are equally matches (or your ships are already damaged) you will rarely lose a ship. I find the tactical naval battle qute impossible to control satisfactorily, it is the weakest and most frustrating feature of this otherwise great game. If the sides are even or you have lots of ships the computer always wins (in terms of who suffers the most damage). But if you are a single sloop against a frigate or ship of the line, you will defeat them easily as your own maneuvrability means they never get a shot in. The whole thing is unreal. And don't get me stated on the edge of the board nonsense ...