17th Sep 2006, 03:41
Well about a month ago, I had to make a trade in of one of my games, Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 for another game I want so I did have to make a sad goodbye:( However today, I got the GREATEST HITS COPY :D HOWEVER, not only is the COVER DIFFERENT but the game too! I'm aware of this strategy - when a game is re-released in GREATEST HITS, they'd add MORE STUFF that makes the game MORE FUN than the original and worth while with what's worth the pricetag. As for DBZ Budokai 3, they added Japanese voice cast, 2 new characters and game fixes...which was WORTH IT :D also a good price. I know some other games do this strategy too like Capcom's DEVIL MAY CRY 3 DANTE'S AWAKENING SPECIAL EDITION as GREATEST HITS.

What we know:
This game will without a doubt go GREATEST HITS.

NOW the questions are:
Knowing how LEGEND was SHORT and how MUCH MORE could've been ADDED (whatever those additions may be - fill in more stuff between levels or add whatever they couldn't add orignally into the game - like how they mentioned about having to chase Alister and Zip in England but couldn't do so. And they did say that TIME IS THEIR ENEMY, here's their chance :D......
1) Do you guys think they should do a RE-RELEASE in GREATEST HITS having it called Special edition/Director's Cut or whatever?


As for me, YES :D on both. I mean heck it wouldn't be such a bad price tag AND the game would be much more fun than the orignal.

And I also suppose they could do this with the PSP (as it has GREATEST HITS too - if it sells well too) and the Xbox (PLATINUM HITS) and 360, too I guess..

17th Sep 2006, 13:22
Undoubtedly I'd also try and get one copy myself, but I think that as soon as Legend gets released on Nintendo platforms (which I think is happening late this month or early October, I'd have to look up for sure) it'll be left behind, so Eidos/Crystal/Nixxies can give TR8 and AE priority.

It's a great idea, nevertheless. I think it'd also mean a much desired expansion pack for PC players.

17th Sep 2006, 19:33
O yeah for the PC players I totally forgot about...I guess it'd be great for them too but I did remember hearing that the ideas they couldn't add originally in the game is going to the sequel so this may not likely to happen however if it does, :D

22nd Sep 2006, 20:45
I would love to see legend greatest hits and i would buy it :D i would also love to see the PS1 tomb raiders remade but that would take forever considering the sizes of the levels on those games!

22nd Sep 2006, 23:41
I mean, for a bargain price with (maybe loads) of extras - UGH I'd buy it :D I wouldn't even care if I'm buyin' the same game again :D