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16th Sep 2006, 21:58
Why are the graphics in both of the Blood Omen 2 introduction so bad? But I may as well push it, why has Blood Omen 2 always been bad graphically? The Legacy Of Kain games have been known for how good their graphics are.

Blood Omen, Soul Reaver and Soul Reaver 2 have all had incredible openings and cinematics, as well as marvellous in-game visuals (BO1 still looks very good).

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the introduction to Blood Omen 2, but you are struck by the graphics; they just seem to be the same as in-game graphics except that they have something to them. Not only that but they just seem lazily-done, especially with how all the vampires are wearing the same clothes as they are 200 years into the future (also note the Sebastian clones that just seem to have been randomly placed anywhere). Why is there nothing big like the SR1 intro? No flashy lighting, no fancy particles, just some glaring polygons and rough textures.

This only seems to add to how Blood Omen 2 has been unfortunately considered the black sheep of the LOK games.

LOK kain is the greatest
22nd Sep 2006, 02:47
Blood omen 2 was done by a different group of people in CD. i also believe thay had a certain deadline to meet. so did not have the amount of tim they would have liked.

22nd Sep 2006, 07:49
The CG openings for SR and SR2 were done by GlyphX. As mentioned above, BO2 was done by a different team in Crystal Dynamics. The BO2 team did not obtain/receive the services of GlyphX in making their CG movies.

Irmok the Mad
2nd Oct 2006, 05:16
I liked the opening cinematic of BO2. The lighting was almost similar to some heavy shader lighting.

14th Apr 2007, 05:49
I like the graphics in blood omen 2 on the whole really, just started playing it again now and it hasnt aged for me at all.
saying that though i just finished bo1 and that was still highly enjoyable (but god bless the ps2 increased disc speed option for those loading times)
i've never been a graphics whore anyway, i see them as a lovely icing on the cake, but the cake is still nice without.
its been along time since i played soul reaver 1 (which i will after bo2) i wonder if that has stood the test of time in my mind
and what shocked me today was the realization that bo1 is over 10 years old now :eek:

Irmok the Mad
30th Apr 2007, 01:52
BO2, SR2 and Defiance's graphics look so much prettier if you disable the compressed textures feature. This feature can only be disabled thru the registry settings of the game. Set the value to this for each game... "DisableHWDXTC" = 1