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16th Sep 2006, 09:31
I have a T2 problem which is similar to others on this board. Installation seems OK, but on starting the first mission the game hangs with a black screen. If I cntl-alt-del out, the game is listed as ‘Not Responding’.

I’ve tried removing the semicolon from the safe_texture line in the User config. File.
I’ve also tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling it using D:\setup –lgntforce.
Neither of these make any difference.

P4 3.4GHz
NVIDEA GE Force 6600GT, resolution 768x1024. Latest driver installed.

Help! [I enjoyed T3 too!]

16th Sep 2006, 16:25
The latest Nvidia drivers may not work. What version are you using? I use If you are much later than that, try reverting to an earlier version after doing the following.

You also need to remove the semicolon from ;safe_texture_manager in file user.cfg

If you have dual core or dual processors, you need to set affinity to 1 processor.

There may be other things I don't remember. Try the search function.

17th Sep 2006, 09:27
Nvidea driver is version - I'll try rolling back to the previous one.
I've tried removing the semicolon from the user.cfg file, without having any effect.
Dual processors is getting a bit out of my depth! How do I know if that's what I've got? If I look at Device Manager/Processors there are two P4's listed, does this mean I've got dual processors? If so, how do I set the affinity?

17th Sep 2006, 11:37
Solved it - thank God for helpful forums!
After all that effort I hope this game is as good as T3.

17th Sep 2006, 18:25
Hyperthreading is an Intel technology that makes a single processor look like two processors to the operating system. To play Thief you need to either disable hyperthreading in the BIOS or set affinity of the Thief process so it uses only one processor. I explained it in more detail recently in another thread. Use the search function and search for "affinity".

17th Sep 2006, 18:26
Please tell us how you solved it - all the steps you did. Did you require the older drivers? Did you set the affinity, and how? We help you, you help others. :)

20th Sep 2006, 15:09
Sorry - so pleased with myself that I didn't post the solution!

I'm still using the Nvidea driver mentioned. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it using the -lgntforce switch, and also took the ; out of the user.cfg file [and saved it]. I discovered how to reset the affinity - it only takes a few seconds, so I don't mind doing this before each game session. I'm happier doing this than fiddling about in the BIOS.

I don't know which of this lot was the crucial step, but the game now runs!