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16th Sep 2006, 09:18
Lemme just start by stating that I'm a technical idiot....so any weird computer lingo I probably won't understand....
That said, I barrowed this disk from my buddy that has both
"Hitman: Contracts" and "Thief: Deadly Shadows" on it.
So, I pop the hateful curse into my computer and it doesn't do squat. It spins around for a bit and makes the little light blink but that's it. I tried manually opening it through "my computer" as well as the "run" thingy on the taskbar, but a message pops up saying; "Please insert a disk into drive D".
Now I know the damn thing isn't bad because I've seen my friend play the game on his computer on several occasions.
Any sage advice on the subject would be most stupendous.

16th Sep 2006, 18:30
Some CD and DVD or DVD/CD combos will not run the TDS discs. Check your CD manufacturer site for a new driver and see if that helps.

What are your system specs?

20th Sep 2006, 03:45
So my friend Robby, who loaned me the disk, stopped by the other day, and while he was here I had him take a look at my problem. After about three or four minutes of sitting there with a befuddled look on his face he said,
"Oh **** dude! This disk is actually a DVD and your computer doesn't have a DVD drive."
So, it's beyond me why a game would be on a DVD in the first place. But, as I said before, I'm not the brightest lamp on the street when it comes to this sort of thing.
Thanks anyway.

20th Sep 2006, 06:33
The UK and European versions are DVD. The US versions are CD's. Games on DVD are becoming more common. You might consider investing in a combo DVD/CD player.

For future referrence, do list your system specs, the game origin *European or other*. It makes it much easier to analyze your problem(s). :)