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13th Sep 2006, 23:53
With the Tokyo Game Show set to take place next week, a revised list of games has been released on the show's official Web site. It appears like this year's event will be the largest one yet, as the list contains a record 573 titles, beating out last year's tally of 516.

Aside from simply giving gamers a slate of games to look out for, the list also gives some insight into current industry trends. Action games represent the most popular genre on the list with 129 titles, while role-playing and simulation lag a little behind with 76 and 49 games, respectively. However, there are also a large number of ambiguously classified games, possibly accounted for by the recent boom in brain-training software.

The makeup of the platforms that will account for games at the show is also interesting, as fully half of the games are for PCs or mobile phones. These platforms combined account for 252 titles. As for portable platforms, the Nintendo DS claims the most games at the show with 52, while the PSP should have 33 titles on display. While the PlayStation 2 will have more games on display than any of the other consoles, the lion's share of attention at the show will likely go to the next-gen systems.

There are 18 PlayStation 3 games confirmed to appear, 20 offerings on the Xbox 360, but only five titles for the Nintendo Wii. Nintendo's decision to hold separate Wii events around the world this week might account for the relative scarcity of TGS games on the platform. Three of the five are currently known: Sega's Bleach: Shiraha Kirameku Rinbukyoku, Marvelous Interactive's Bokujou Monogatari Wii (working title), and Konami's Elebits. However, none of those will be shown in playable form.

Some of the other next-gen titles added to the updated list are mentioned below. The full list is available on the official TGS Web site. For more on TGS, check out GameSpot's full coverage of the event.

Nioh (Koei)
Power Smash 3 (Sega)
Mobile Suit Gundam: Target in Site (Bandai Namco Games)

Xbox 360
Winning Eleven Series (working title, Konami)
Project Sylpheed (Square Enix)
Full Auto (Spike)
Tomb Raider: Legend (Eidos Interactive)
The Outfit (THQ)
Operation Darkness (Success)
Gundam: Operation Troy (Bandai Namco Games)
Idol Master (Bandai Namco Games)
Trusty Bell: Chopin no Yume (Bandai Namco Games)


14th Sep 2006, 08:20
That would be a cool show to go to. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :cool:

14th Sep 2006, 20:08
Legend will easily sell there...unless they too sooner finds out it's a total different Lara (like me) yet forgives and forget and enjoy the game (like me:D )

3rd Oct 2006, 14:51
where can i find a full report about TR - Legend on TGS? :(