View Full Version : FX5200 and 3dAnalyze

13th Sep 2006, 05:09
I have been agonizing for the past few weeks trying to get my P4 1.2 machine with its NEW GeForce FX5200 128Mb card to run either LSW or the new version II demo to no avail. I came the closest tonight using the 3DAnalyze software to prove that the system could run the game, if only I knew the right settings. Currently if I use 3dA with "force SW TnL" I can get the title screens and opening movies for both games, however the titles texts "Once upon a time in a galaxy..." and text for the game menus appears as green boxes which I can't fix. If I let the intros run and go to the game itself, I get the backgrounds alright but the characters are half rendered in a green matrix and that's it - also the score/life counter is a green box matrix as well.

If only someone could tell me which 3dA setting would fix this I would have 2 very happy boys who right now are cursing my very existence. I have tried both the suggested 71.89 nVidia drivers as well as the current 91.47 which shipped with the card, and still have the same result.

Help please! :scratch:

8th Aug 2007, 02:20
its emultate hw tnl caps