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11th Sep 2006, 06:16
I don't understand about these drivers that need to be purchased once I've already bought the game. Windows XP indicates that I need to download these drivers from Eidos in order to play the game and these drivers aren't free either. Whats the deal here ?:scratch:

11th Sep 2006, 17:56
Which game? The drivers for TDS are on the CD's, and the drivers for the other THIEF games are also on the CD's.

You may need to tweak XP to run the games, but all the drivers are on the discs you purchased.

Read the FAQ for TDS and for THIEF in general for assistance in reloading or running them.

Also take a look at www.TTLG.com in the Deadly Shadows and Thief forums, as well as the technical forum for additional information.

I run all the THIEF games on XP and W98, and have all the drivers on the CD's that the games came on.

I have had no problems with the drivers with any THIEF game on W98 or XP.

12th Sep 2006, 02:58
I have no problems with Win 2K. There is an XP=only issue with Indeo Codecs becoming unavailable and having to reinstall them. That can be fixed. I gather you have not reached that point and you are still trying to install the game. I don't quite understand why you think you need to find the drivers from an external source. As theBlackman says, they are available on the CD, and they should be installed automatically when you install the game. Or at least you should be prompted to install them. I forget which. If worse comes to worse, peruse the CD and find out what is there.

18th Sep 2006, 22:47
I have the same problem, slrp63 - on starting Thief 2, I get an Indeo Video Playback box which reads:

"The program you are trying to run requires a current Indeo codec. To obtain a current driver that is compatible with this version of Windows, please contact the manufacturer at http://indeo.ligos.com.

To run the program, click Continue. For more information, click Details."

...and then has three buttons: Continue, Cancel and Details. Details takes me to a Microsoft window that says the exact same thing with the same address, only as an active link. When I click the link I get the Ligos corporation's Indeo page, where they're eager to sell me the Indeo codec for $14.95.
When I close my browser and click Continue in the info box, Thief 2 starts up and then chokes, giving me the general-purpose Windows Problem/fault box, telling me that "Thief 2: The Metal Age has encountered a problem and needs to close," followed by the standard Send Error Report and Don't Send buttons. Then, no more Thief 2.

I've looked piecemeal at each individual file included on both Thief 2 discs and there is nothing on either disc with "indeo", "ligos" or "codec" in the name of the file. I'm not saying it's not on there, it must be because I've successfully installed and played this game on a number of Windows XP Pro PC's - just not the one I have now. Aargh!

Also, I'm pretty sure it's this codec issue alone that's choking the whole game because I did try and play the Death and Success mission-ending AVIs straight off the CD by double-clicking them and ran into exactly the same pair of info boxes - only this time, the second box told me that "Windows Media Player has encoutered a problem and needs to close..." instead of Thief 2: The Metal Age.

I have two theories, which I've come up with while writing this post:
One is that maybe this newer system's anti-virus software has prevented the codec from installing.
The other is that this is the first time I've done a full install (including all the AVIs) instead of a standard install (where the AVIs are referenced from the Game CD), and maybe when you're referencing the instructions off the game CD there's a set of instructions that tells your computer to access the codec on the CD? Kinda out-there, I know, but... crap! You know?

My catch-all for testing these theories will be to uninstall the game, then turn off virus protection and do a standard install.

I bet you this won't do a thing though, because I'm thinking that the Indeo codec is part of DirectX 7, and that Indeo has been phased out of later versions of DirectX. The Thief 2 disc includes DirectX 7 but advises you not to install if it detects that you have a later version of DirectX, which I do.

I'll report back with whatever I learn/don't learn.

18th Sep 2006, 23:35
Try this:

Go to http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=75031 and search for the following text:

"Thanks Schattentänzer" - this'll take you to the paragraph in the page where the link to the alternate Thief movie codecs is.

Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2 and those old Indeo codecs appear to be incompatible - no amount of dinking around with the codecs on my Thief 2 disc would fix anything, no matter how I had my virus protection set. I just installed these alternate drivers and I'm in business.

Now I'm gonna play Thief 2X!

Good luck!

18th Sep 2006, 23:38
I've looked piecemeal at each individual file included on both Thief 2 discs and there is nothing on either disc with "indeo", "ligos" or "codec" in the name of the file.

I believe it's called iv5setup.exe.

19th Sep 2006, 00:01
XCOM is correct. Copy the file to your HDD and put a shortcut on the Desktop.

Then you can EXE the file and start your THIEF.