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2nd Oct 2013, 16:25
help, i can't find laughing toads, i'm at footfalls in correct zone etc, have stayed full 24 ingame hours and they dont show up :( need for class hunting log. anyone know where they are, or how i get them?

2nd Oct 2013, 16:55
so far all guides i've seen put them in foot falls, but someone ingame pointed me to Parata's Peace, north of Vesper Bay, and there they were!
happy gaming all :)

3rd Oct 2013, 08:41
Where the hunting log states the mobs are is only a rough guide and they are not always in that exact location.

I use a great guide at http://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Hunting_Log

This details the logs for all the classes and gives grid references :D