View Full Version : Stuck in bolivia Redux on Pc

10th Sep 2006, 13:46
Can anyone help me please im ok up to the point when amandas monster is on the floor and the yellow triangle appears. I run over and try to kill it but i dont seem to cause it any damage. Ive tried everything, ive changed to advanced toggle mode and still nothing works. Ive swung at it a million times but no joy.

10th Sep 2006, 14:14
Stabbing her does help!!! You just need to repeatingly stab her until she is defeated. I think it is 4 times you have to do it.:)

10th Sep 2006, 16:26
When the triangle appears, run up to Amanda and press the interact key (E on PC) to stab her with Excalibur. Then continue shooting Amanda until she falls again and run up and press interact to stab her again. Each stab reduced Amanda's health by 1/4. Amanda must be stabbed 4 times. Good luck.

11th Sep 2006, 18:15
Thanks for help Ruum taedor my mistake was not pressing interact button on pc ive dun it now youve saved me hours of frustration

11th Sep 2006, 18:41
Glad I could be of service, Marcus.