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8th Sep 2006, 15:11
I had nearly reached the end of Peru and strayed "off the path" briefly, accidentally going through a checkpoint. I wanted to return to pick up an award I'd missed but was unable to do so.

I then tried to reload from the previous checkpoint but ALL checkpoint saves through Peru had disappeared and I had to go back to one in Bolivia and do some of Bolivia and the whole of Peru over again! Really frustrating.

What happened to all the saved games? I am new (PC) and wonder if I have done something wrong. Can anyone advise please?

8th Sep 2006, 17:22
Sorry I am on PS2 but good look finding a solution! :)

9th Sep 2006, 02:21
Sorry to hear about that. I had a similar experience at the beginning of the game but I soon learnt from my mistake. Going back to a checkpoint in a level is simply not an option unless you have manually created a save point at that particular checkpoint you wish to return to. I've played all the other TR games and I've always tried hard to get as many secrets as I can find (without cheating). In TR Legend I gave up due to the checkpoint system and hence lack of *true* manual saving without checkpoints.

Your problem is due largly to the the philosphy of checkpoints. For me, the checkpoint system ruined the game for me, as it became less about "Tomb Raiding" and more about trying to get to the next checkpoint without dying. It dumbed down the game for me.

My only advice to you is to create a manual save at every checkpoint you pass. It's a real pain (and bad game design IMHO) but it's the only way you are going to get back to a previous checkpoint.

9th Sep 2006, 07:30
Thank you for good wishes and helpful reply.

Is very useful to learn that the checkpoint saves are not permanent (!) - thank you. Think perhaps it would have been handy for that info to be included in the manual.

I also completely agree how very much better it is for the game to save when you want to, not at these checkpoints - I find this system REALLY annoying and hope its scrapped for the future.

Thanks again, big help!

9th Sep 2006, 13:37
If You skip rewards, You will be able to jump into the level after the game when You beat the game, pick up skipped rewards, save the rewards and increase the percent of completed game. When You pick up all rewards in normal levels and in Manor (without time trials) You have "Completed - 100%". Time trials unlock some special outfits as I know... (I have 100% but no time trials - maybe someday ;) ). If You beat the game but You will skip the rewards You have less then 100% completed.

10th Sep 2006, 16:37
Well there's a thought ..... Thank you for the idea!

11th Sep 2006, 03:01
And another thing ......

........although the graphics look great have to say I really hate the controls - 'w' or 'up' should ALWAYS mean forward 's' or 'down' ALWAYS back and so on - otherwise it just doesn't feel right. Especially confusing when jumping from a rope for instance, to know which direction you're going to land in, could be different each time.

Could also do without comments from Alistair and Zip and there's too much music. One of the best things about Lara is that she should feel completely alone with only the sound of dripping caves, creepy forests or whatever - and should be able to wander and explore at random.

Still enjoying it though!

11th Sep 2006, 03:28
You will get used to the controls, the direction depends on where the camera is facing. And you can always just turn the volume for the voices and music off from the options menu :scratch:

11th Sep 2006, 06:04
Thank you. Of course you're absolutely right that you can turn off music and speech - but I kinda think I might miss something of the plot!

In Japan now and still can't get used to the controls! Guess I'd just like the old ones back, think they were easier with a more realistic feel, more range of movement instead of only 4 directions to face.

Nevertheless - it's still enjoyable.

11th Sep 2006, 07:01
Perhaps it is time to get an analog gamepad for your PC, much easier and you get more than 4 directions :) Anything essential to the plotline is given in the cutscenes, and you will still get Alister and Zip chatting in them. Then when you finish you can go through and do the time trials with the sound on

11th Sep 2006, 11:18
Thank you for suggestion. Well, I just never think of these things! Might give it a try.