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8th Sep 2006, 08:15
To those that reply, ty in advance :D I am new to the game and I would like to know what needs to be done for the railroad quest and what would you say is the top 5 best quests.

Ty you for your help and suggestions :)

9th Sep 2006, 12:21
Isn't the description of the Railroad Quest quite straightforward?! A certain amount of raw materials and population has to be accumulated and sacrificed (2500 and 1500 as far as I remember, but I modded the quests quite a lot, so not sure).

My favourite quests ( in the sense that I'm really pissed if another empire gets it before me :D ) are Bolivar (upgrades all your tier 1 infantry to the tier 2 versions) and the world exhibition thingie (not sure about name, the one where all sympathy values keep rising for a year).

10th Sep 2006, 01:55
I figured it out:) The prob is you can't see the required till it becomes available. You have to research and also meet the requirements. Russia always beat me to it so I never new what was needed till I tried a few different research combos and I finally beat Russia to it lol. Ty you for the reply.