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7th Sep 2006, 02:58
Just saying what a great game this is, and wondering what mods if any the community would suggest? I would Imagine I will be able to figure out how to install them, however, there is one thing I wished to know about some of the mods, such as for instance the KGL mod, do these come as new troops, or do they replace others?

Also I had a couple of historical accuracy questions, riflemen, strangely enough wear red coats, are they meant to emulate the Kings German Legion light companies? A portion of which used baker rifles and red jackets? Also, grenadier guards, I thought that that regiement had their name changed to "grenadiers" after they defeated the French grenadiers at Waterloo? Also with lancers, the only Lancers employed by the British army up until 1816 were sepoy lancers, and texhnically they were employed by the east india company.

Do many people play this online? I've never really been into online games but this one seems as though It might be worthwhile.

Oh yes, Sieur_Drewry, are you the same Drewry as was making the waterloo mod for mount and blade with me? Seems like an uncommon enough name to be worth checking.

7th Sep 2006, 03:07
Yea its me.

7th Sep 2006, 11:37
I have not noticed any people play online.

A good mod would be the Battle Mod 1.12.