View Full Version : Wont Reload After Pc Shut Down

PC Challenged
6th Sep 2006, 05:27
I am a PC novice. Bought brand new Emachine recently for son to play brand new Star Wars "The Video Game". Plays fine after installed. But once PC shut down, game will not reload - encounters error message at "in a galaxy far away..." text.

Have seen 2 other posts here with same problem and both suggested fixes by deleting SWLEGO.BIN to run game normally - except both suggest that file recreates itself - so both suggest setting up a batch file to delete the file and then run the .exe

3 Qs:

1. Can anyone share how to create that batch file - and can a novice like me do it (son too young to be deleting files) - I am clueless

2. Problem does not occur on my Dell - will problem resolve if I simply replace Emachine with different brand?

3. Is there a tech support person for this game that knows why this happens and why not to everyone (ie, is this problem tied to Emachine or certain settings or what)?